Creeping up on my first TT

Hey everyone hope you are all killing it on your runs. I have been tapering for a 5K time trial just so I can gauge my fitness level and see if I can beat my last years 5k time which was 23.43. This year I am going to do my time trial on a trackContinue reading “Creeping up on my first TT”

Feels like a Rollercoaster

This week I am back after alittle break due to some ankle issues. I had to take a step back from running because about 2 weeks ago I completed a trail run and the next day my ankle was swollen. Not being able to put pressure on it I thought it may be a goodContinue reading “Feels like a Rollercoaster”

recovery/recharge gone wrong

To start I had a very low mileage week. I finished off the week at 28km it was not much and that is exactly what I was aiming for. I did 3 short 5ks and then 13k at a reasonable pace of 5:47min per km. I was feeling good, legs were feeling refreshed. I focusedContinue reading “recovery/recharge gone wrong”

Tougher Week than Expected

This week unfortunately I was not able to hit the average distance I was hoping for. At the same time I am happy that I was listening to my body and giving it the rest it needs. Luckily this coming week is a down week for me so I will hopefully let the legs restContinue reading “Tougher Week than Expected”

Making big changes

HEELLOOO EVERYONE! There has been some big changes in my training plans and my new training platform. So first of all I will be completing all my runs on STRAVA now. SOOO if you would like to add me by searching up – Bilal Mahmood. I will actually stop posting all my runs on theseContinue reading “Making big changes”


SOOO super excited about last week because I got some good workouts in and also found some new routes around my area. This week I tried to include a bit more incline because I realized my runs did not have much elevation gain. Although it was not a ton of incline it was still aContinue reading “BIG NEWS THIS WEEK”


This week was probably one of the best weeks yet! slight pain during the runs and I was able to complete all the workouts. With weather like this I am happy that the runs have been flowing well. Monday (unplanned run) – 4.13km at 5.36min/km. I was suppose to take the date off but aContinue reading “SLOWLY but SURELY~”

Softer Workout Week

Hey guys! just wanted to give everyone an update about my runs last week. I personally felt like I had pushed my hip a little to much in my previous week as I tried to get to 30miles. So this week I wanted to bring it back and focus more on smoother runs with betterContinue reading “Softer Workout Week”


Last week I had a goal of running 30 miles in a week. It was definitely taxing on the hip but with alot of rolling an some extra ice baths we got there. So to sum it up I had done a run almost everyday last week from tuesday – sunday to meet my goal.Continue reading “WE DID IT!”

Raising Money For BLM By Running

Hey guys this week I have been motivated by something that I saw on my Instagram feed and they were going to donate 1$ for every mile that was run this week (will leave their information below). The funds were going to go to helping the people in Chicago that were being arrested for protestingContinue reading “Raising Money For BLM By Running”