Runs Are Not Going Well

Hello everybody! Went on my second run this week. First run was on Saturday on April 5th and ran 10.73km at a 4.56min/km pace. Felt decent but, alot of hip pain which was really restricting my gate and cadence. It has definitely been tough to keep running with the hip pain I have been having.Continue reading “Runs Are Not Going Well”

How Do You Make Decisions?

Something that we all tend to do in the moment is make impulse decisions or heated comments. That is definitely something that I am also guilty of doing often. Do you often say it and then later you look back and tell yourself “well maybe I could have worded that differently or not said itContinue reading “How Do You Make Decisions?”

Stop Living Like Everybody Else!

How often do you set a timeline of your life. How often do you expect things to happen within a certain time frame? Let me guess you graduate highschool, do your undergrad/certification, start working full time, get married, buy a house, have kids, go on some vacations in between this and then retire. Not thatContinue reading “Stop Living Like Everybody Else!”

Make time for what you love

Time… its probably the most expensive asset in our life because every second of our day is depreciating how much more time we have left. No matter how much money you have, time is something you will never get back. There are no do overs and it is probably the most volatile investments in yourContinue reading “Make time for what you love”

The Beginning of My Journey and How This Action Changed My Life

Hello everyone, I am so happy that you are all here and have taken the time to read my post. I have been trying to find ways to help create a more meaningful life that does not revolve around materialistic things but rather meaningful actions. On this journey, I have learned so many things andContinue reading “The Beginning of My Journey and How This Action Changed My Life”