Things are heating up!

Since the last we spoke, I was in good spirits because the training was going well and we were slowly ramping up our mileage for the week. So far things have still been going GREATTTT. We have upped the long run to 10km now. longest run yet since I got the knee pain. It wasContinue reading “Things are heating up!”

WERE GETTING THERE – (orthotic review)

So just to give you guys a little update. I have been consistently running the past few weeks. Slowly increasing my mileage every week and we have brought the weekly mileage to 18km now. By the end of this week I am hoping to hit 20km. So far the runs have been pain free exceptContinue reading “WERE GETTING THERE – (orthotic review)”

I Have Been Converted

Helloooo everyone! We are back and still moving along, putting in the work and trying our best to be patient with the results. I am sure the title has you wondering what exactly have I been converted to? Well let me tell you, I have had flat feet since the start of my time inContinue reading “I Have Been Converted”

Strava May Have Ruined My Progress The First Time Around – Rehab pt.2

After months of waiting I have finally started to get back into running. Tests have been done, the pain has subsided and we are slowly going to have to rebuild to where we left off. Just to provide you guys with an update. I was convinced to give orthotics a try for my horribly flatContinue reading “Strava May Have Ruined My Progress The First Time Around – Rehab pt.2”

The rehab has been put on pause

Hey everyone! Hope everyone has been doing well. I just wanted to hop in and give everyone an update because although I thought I was getting better things kind of took a turn. The pain returned in the knee when I started put in 3 runs a week. So the doctor has told me thatContinue reading “The rehab has been put on pause”

One Step Forward and One Step Back

Welcome back to the blog! This weeks blog is gonna be a doozy. Based on last weeks post recovery was going VERY well. Then this week rolled around and it was a total 360 from last week. Last week was pain free and then this time was full of pain. Lets start from the beginning,Continue reading “One Step Forward and One Step Back”

The Comeback + Winter Gear

Happy holidays and happy almost new year everyone. Santa listened to my wish and helped me to start running again. The past week, I FINALLY got the green light to start running again as long as there is no pain. So far luckily everything is going smoothly. There is no pain during the run soContinue reading “The Comeback + Winter Gear”

Recovery update

So it has been quite some time since my last post. To be honest was not really sure what to say on these since alot of my time was just spent doing the prescribed exercises every week. I was not feeling to happy with the progress. So I have been stuck in a little bitContinue reading “Recovery update”

What to do now?

So I got the results from the doctor and it is not looking to good. Was told I should not be running anymore and will need to do rehab. In case you were curios I have a unbalanced pelvic which has caused a strain in my patellar tendon on my left knee. Luckily it isContinue reading “What to do now?”

running has been put on pause

Hello everybody, I had my checkup with a sports doctor and the news was kind of good. So he did let me know that I do not have tendinitis in my knee but it could develop if I continue running excessively without treating the problem. He believes that my knee pain is because of anContinue reading “running has been put on pause”