How to make those big decisions

Today I am going to be talking about how you can help purify your thoughts and solidify your actions. So I am sure we all go through this at some point in our life, when we are trying to make a big decision in our life and we are not sure if its correct. UsuallyContinue reading “How to make those big decisions”

Feeling down

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is crushing their goals. I know based on the title you are probably wondering what exactly happened? To start, I did complete some runs this week. The total mileage was about 42km. I also have an appointment set with a sports specialist who is going to help me out withContinue reading “Feeling down”

Why I Sit In Cold Water

Hello everyone I hope you are all staying safe and have been mentally and physically healthy through this time of isolation. Today I thought it would be nice to go over why I have started taking cold baths for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week and how have I personally been benefiting. I actually sawContinue reading “Why I Sit In Cold Water”

I have become addicted to my phone – DAY 3

So day 3 was a bit tougher than the other days. I found myself imagining what messages I would be getting. I also realized I had plans to have a virtual conversation with some friends but I was not able to coordinate the time because I did not want to break my cleanse. It wasContinue reading “I have become addicted to my phone – DAY 3”

I have become addicted to my phone – Day 2

So day 2 of my cleanse from using my phone was alittle easier. Although I still had some urges to look at messages on my phone but I tried my best to avoid it. It is quite liberating as now I do not find myself multitasking when I am trying to focus on other tasks.Continue reading “I have become addicted to my phone – Day 2”

I have become addicted to my phone! (3 day cleanse)

Something that I have realized after spending so much time alone and in solitude, is I have been feeling up the empty space by staring at my phone constantly. I am not sure if the desire is coming from me wanting the urge of human interactions. I find myself consistently on social media while IContinue reading “I have become addicted to my phone! (3 day cleanse)”

Why I Like Being Quarantined

Hello Everyone I apologize for the time I was away. I had spent the last week and a half at home because of the virus that is spreading around the world. I really hope that everyone is staying safe and trying their best to stay home as although this may not effect you it couldContinue reading “Why I Like Being Quarantined”

Are you grateful?

Have you thought about how lucky you are for the life you have right now? Was the last time you talked about how grateful you were at your birthday dinner, thanksgiving, christmas dinner? How come we do not do that more often. I find that sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are andContinue reading “Are you grateful?”

How Do You Make Decisions?

Something that we all tend to do in the moment is make impulse decisions or heated comments. That is definitely something that I am also guilty of doing often. Do you often say it and then later you look back and tell yourself “well maybe I could have worded that differently or not said itContinue reading “How Do You Make Decisions?”

Stop Living Like Everybody Else!

How often do you set a timeline of your life. How often do you expect things to happen within a certain time frame? Let me guess you graduate highschool, do your undergrad/certification, start working full time, get married, buy a house, have kids, go on some vacations in between this and then retire. Not thatContinue reading “Stop Living Like Everybody Else!”