Feeling down

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is crushing their goals. I know based on the title you are probably wondering what exactly happened? To start, I did complete some runs this week. The total mileage was about 42km. I also have an appointment set with a sports specialist who is going to help me out withContinue reading “Feeling down”

Raising Money For BLM By Running

Hey guys this week I have been motivated by something that I saw on my Instagram feed and they were going to donate 1$ for every mile that was run this week (will leave their information below). The funds were going to go to helping the people in Chicago that were being arrested for protestingContinue reading “Raising Money For BLM By Running”

Why I Sit In Cold Water

Hello everyone I hope you are all staying safe and have been mentally and physically healthy through this time of isolation. Today I thought it would be nice to go over why I have started taking cold baths for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week and how have I personally been benefiting. I actually sawContinue reading “Why I Sit In Cold Water”

Running is being put on a PAUSE!

Hello Everyone! I am sorry I have not been updating you guys on runs. Mainly because there have not been any. Because of my hip injury I have made the executive decision to take a break and let the hip heal/strengthen it until I can get the proper treatment for it going again. SO WHATContinue reading “Running is being put on a PAUSE!”

My Marathon Was Cancelled and I Am Not Mad

So I found out that the marathon on May 3 that I had signed up for was cancelled due to the current situation around the world. I am not upset about that decision although it is disappointing that I will not be able to take part in this event. I do see that many peopleContinue reading “My Marathon Was Cancelled and I Am Not Mad”

How Running Changed Everything

As I got into a learning about becoming more mindful of my actions. I also came to realize that we tend to limit what we can achieve. However, at the same time we also tend to over commit that we end up burning out. So I thought to myself what is it that I canContinue reading “How Running Changed Everything”