Threshold run

  • Hoka Clifton 6
  • 8.10 km
  • 5.06 min/km

This evening the weather was absolutely gorgeous for winter here in Toronto. So what better thing to do then a threshold run (fast paced run). I decided to use the clifton 6 just to see how they would feel at a quick pace and the cushioning on the shoe feels so good. Reminds me of bouncing balls to be honest my feet tend to slide a bit when I am turning or going side to side so that would be one thing I noticed. Luckily there is not alot of that in the marathon so not to worried about that.


I have been getting some pain in my hip that was there on my previous marathon but has not gone away. I booked an appointment for a acupuncture session even though i hate needles I have heard very good things about this place and I will leave their info at the bottom. Hopefully it is nothing serious and I will not need to see a physician if the pain persists. I will update you guys on how the session goes. If anybody has any tips definitely open to them. Happy running guys!

Canada Acupunture Wellness Centre 648 Finch Ave E Unit 1, North York, ON M2K 2E6

How to Stop Being So Stressed

How many times have you heard someone tell you that they are SO STRESSED or Life is so hard and then you come home completely drained? I won’t lie I am guilty of this to and it was one of the most frustrating things to think about because there was so much pressure that was coming from myself more than anybody else. As mentioned in my beginning page I had spent a big portion of 2018 feeling sorry and frustrated because things were not working out the way I thought it would. The way I got through this was realizing that we are only as stressed as we tell ourselves we are. For example, if you saw a massive pile of work on your desk that was suppose to be done by you and you only, I am pretty sure you would say “UGHHHHHHHH” or “OMG I am gonna die there is so much to do” or “can it just be Friday already”.

One thing I’ve noticed is we begin to stress ourselves out before we even start putting in the work. BUT, truthfully speaking you can only do as much as you can do. So why not just do AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and then go and enjoy the rest of your day without telling yourself how swamped you are and how much you need to get done. Other examples of where we add additional stress and frustration upon ourselves is when were driving and somebody upsets us or we are rushing to get off of the bus so we can catch the train or make an appointment or we get into an argument with someone. What if I told you that you did not need to be the first one off the bus or you do not need to honk at the person and yell at them. The reason is that rushing off the bus saves you maybe a minute maybe 2 minutes so why stress yourself out for those 2 minutes. Or why yell at that person who most likely cannot hear you and lets not argue with the person who does not want to listen to what you have to say anyways.

We should be saving that energy so our mind can redirect that towards other activities in your day. The more energy that is spent on unnecessary stresses the less energy you will have for the rest of the day. Remember that our minds and body can only take so much. So I think that for our own sake we should try to be more mindful of what we are stressing out about and really understand why we are stressing on those things.

Lets put into perspective the outcomes that can happen. You are not able to complete the giant pile of work you got from your boss and you might lose your job, but then did you really want it if you were put in such a position that killed your sanity. (a good workplace would understand and tell you to just finish it up tomorrow) If you are a few minutes late for an appointment I am sure that they can understand that public transit is an interesting place or there was traffic.(you could just leave a little earlier to give yourself those few extra minutes but again it is not the end of the world) Understand that setting that mindset of you will get to the place that you need to get to or you will complete that task that needs to be done because you are there and present. The only thing that you need to do is start doing what needs to be done and then afterwards what happens will happen. SO STOP OVERTHINKING IT!

So the next time you are thinking of sighing and saying how stressed you are I would just like you to reflect on the day and see what stressed you out. Then ask yourself why were you stressed from that event in your day? Afterwards try and see of all the events that happened in that day, which ones could you have handled differently and REALLY stressed on less.

As always thank you for reading I hope this helped you a little. Please leave a comment letting me know how it goes.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

First Long run!

It was a beautiful day in Toronto today with weather with as it came back to 1 degrees Celsius. I finally went out and did my first “long run” of the winter. I ran 11.24km at a 6.14min/km pace in my Hoka Clifton 6 and I was quite happy with the cushioning. Although I did not experience the rocking effect that I was told about. I am assuming that I would have to adjust my running style to a heel strike to fully experience the effects. I did come to realize that I have about a month and a half before I will start tapering down. I might even have to skip the tapering because I started training so late. HOPEFULLY everything works out. Lets see. Thanks for reading I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and their runs.

Training update Feb 10 – 14

Feb 10 2020

After coming home from work I ran 5.53km at a 5.26 min/km pace and then did 20 laps at 50ft per lap. A bit of a heavy first day back in but I definitely felt mentally lighter after all of this. Excited for tomorrows rest day

Feb 11 2020

I was feeling good on tue so I decided to add in another run. Felt pretty good even though it was a little chill i was able to do 6.36km at a 5.08 min/km pace. Fairly happy with that as I begin my marathon prep but I have a very long way to go.

Feb 13 2020

Today I had the chance of joining in on a spin class. Was good to mix up the workout and strengthen the legs a bit. Definitely recommend a spin class if you are looking to change things up. I went to Rocket cycle in Toronto Canada. Here’s the link in case anybody is interested in checking it out.

Feb 14 2020

Was quite a chilly night and yes it was valentines and I spent it running. I did buy a new pair of runners the Hoka One One Clifton 6. Did my first run on them today and they felt fairly cushioned. Not the greatest for running in the winter because of the lack of traction. Otherwise it was a pretty good initial run, no blisters no pains and no bruised nails. Today’s run was a 7.02km run at a 5.25 min/km pace. was -9 degrees Celsius but it felt like -17. Luckily I had a friend join which made it a little better. (tip: find a friend to help make it more enjoyable)

How Running Changed Everything

As I got into a learning about becoming more mindful of my actions. I also came to realize that we tend to limit what we can achieve. However, at the same time we also tend to over commit that we end up burning out. So I thought to myself what is it that I can do that will challenge me and how will I commit so I do not burn out….

I started to go over my accomplishments and since I had signed up for obstacle courses like Spartan and mud hero it made sense to choose the next big thing in my head which was the all mighty MARATHON.

The way I approached this was I decided to start from the very bottom of the barrel and work my way up. So without letting my Ego take over I started out walking on a treadmill for just one 1 mile. Although I knew I could do more I did not want to go into this thinking that I needed to kill myself and I soon realized how important that was. Over the next 8 months I slowly increased the distance I was covering and from walking on a treadmill for 1 mile 2 times a week to then running outside for 20-30km. My main takeaway from running a marathon was…..

Patience & Discipline

As we all know running is not the easiest thing and many of us may not enjoy it. The reason for that I believe is, because to put it simple, its hard. You get tired quickly, your heart rate goes up, if you are on a treadmill it tends to get boring and you do not see physical gains as you would if you were working out with weights. (not saying that you can’t run and workout at the same time and be muscular) However, it forces you to learn to be patient with your goals. I would never have imagined that I would be going on 20km runs and not want to lay down and die afterwards. Instead I would feel great and still be functional afterwards. (REMEMBER I did need to put in the effort to get to that point) You also learn fairly early that you have to pace yourself which can be difficult since all you want to do is be done with the run. Slowly though, you will start to learn to love the time you spend running outside and you will start to find the beauty of the area you are in, plus you will get the runners high which is like CRACK. Accept the fact that you cannot sprint the whole 10-15km that you are running because then you will probably have a very miserable run with ALOT of breaks.

In terms of discipline, we may not want to do it and that is fine. If you decide to skip those days though you will be hurting yourself because the marathon is not an easy task so the more time you put into it the better you will be on race day. We also all have our off days and it was the discipline of committing to this task that got me through it. Disclaimer, if you are injured then you need to take the time to let your body heal which I have found to be one of the harder things to do when all you want to do is get faster. (very guilty of this) All these tie into building that discipline and holding yourself accountable to what you have committed to. So this really relates back to the real world for me because we may not always want to work on that assignment or finish that project but we need to because we made a commitment. So for me when I have that thought go through my head I almost always go back to training for the marathon and say well you did 20km that say so this is nothing in comparison to that.

To conclude I would like to ask that YOU, yes YOU go grab your earphones/headphones/airpods and find your favorite podcast/playlist/audiobook and go for a little walk. Walk around your neighborhood, take some nice relaxing breaths and just enjoy your day. Once you do that once or twice or even three times, I want you to try and go for a little run. JUST a little one(1-2km) nothing big and let me know how you feel. (I would love to know)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it made you want to go for a run. 🙂

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

Perception and how it changes our lives

Perception is a funny word that can completely change the way we live. Although we often hear people say:

“I dont care what other people think….”

In reality though, we are all constantly having that thought in our heads that I wonder what that person is thinking or they are probably seeing me like this. That is the dangerous part of perception because people tend to forget that how we perceive the thought of others can really change our how we view ourselves and how we live of our lives.

“Today, I’m not what I think I am; I’m not what you think I am; I am what I think you think I am.”

-Charles Cooley

That quote has meant so much to me and I heard it while listening to Jay Shetty as he uses it in interviews and podcasts. This resonated with me so much at the time because when I heard this and looked back, I caught myself constantly doing that throughout the day. This action is probably one of the hardest things to stop doing because we have become so accustomed to this way of living. In a world where we are constantly competing with one another it is almost second nature to assume what others are thinking of us.

So one thing I would like you to try and do….

before you can put a negative thought in your mind I want you to try saying one positive thing to yourself. It could be the smallest thing. As you are brushing your teeth or while going on a run. I want you to feed your mind a positive statement. For example, if I am running I will tell myself one positive thing like, you are a strong runner. You can do this when you are passing someone or you can do this as soon as you start. Totally up to you. To push it even further, if you are comfortable with this idea. I want you to say that positive affirmation outloud. So tell yourself you are a strong runner in public out loud or tell yourself you are a beautiful human being or that you are happy. As you say these affirmations it will slowly start to change your mindset because the more you tell yourself something the more you will believe it. All that negative self talk will slowly start to subside.

I want to thank you for making it till the end and I would love to hear your comments on how this made you feel.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing