My Marathon Was Cancelled and I Am Not Mad

So I found out that the marathon on May 3 that I had signed up for was cancelled due to the current situation around the world. I am not upset about that decision although it is disappointing that I will not be able to take part in this event. I do see that many people may be frustrated or angered by the decision made. However, I think that it is important to understand that runners LOVE to run. The people hosting also LOVE to run, so it is definitely a tough decision for the ones making this decision. From their perspective we should also try to understand that they are doing this for us and we should try to understand. Even though it may be difficult after you have put in all that time and effort training. It is ok though because that means that you will do even better on the next marathon that comes up. So take a breathe, relax, have some food, do some squats, light stretches and do what you love to do, RUN!

I am currently quarantined which is why I cannot post any runs. I am stretching and strengthening my hip during this moment so I am stronger and ready once the quarantine is over. I have come to realize that my mobility around my lower back and hips are VERY limited. Understanding that is a weakness I will definitely take this opportunity to work on that. Something that I strongly believe in is that everything happens for a reason. This to, is a very good example of that. Although I cannot run this is great chance to rest the legs and take time to strengthen the body.

As always thank you for listening and happy running!

Are you grateful?

Have you thought about how lucky you are for the life you have right now? Was the last time you talked about how grateful you were at your birthday dinner, thanksgiving, christmas dinner? How come we do not do that more often. I find that sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are and that there is always a brighter side to every story.

One thing that I struggle with is opening up to people about my feelings and my life and when serious conversations come up I deviate and make it comedic instead. I felt that I was not able to develop real connections but thinking back I am playing a role. Although I may not be developing those deep connections at least I can say that I made that person smile which I feel goes a long way.

Just how I was complaining about my not being able to express myself. I am sure that a majority of us are probably complaining about not getting our coffee at the right temperature or not have enough lettuce in our sandwich. Personally I feel that it may not be a big issue but that is me I tend to not complain as much about anything. However, you could think about those situations this way, and say well, at least I have something to eat or at least I have the opportunity to grab that cup of coffee when others may not.

Something that I have recently started doing as an exercise is writing what I am grateful everyday on a sticky and putting it on my wall. Doing this has allowed me to see that there is always something to be happy about. This helps especially when you may think that you have had a bad day or you are questioning your happiness about life in general.

I would like everyone to try this and let me know how this goes. As always thanks for listening and I hope that this helps you in some way shape or form.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Feb 07-Feb 15

Hey guys been a while since I updated you with all my runs. I was on vacation in Cuba and there was not much Wifi available there and it was also an great opportunity to really unplug. So with that in mind I did a few runs while also consuming some alcoholic beverages which definitely made it alittle harder to run in the mornings. Of course though we still got some good ones in.

  • March 9th -4.27km at a 5.21min/km pace- shoes:Clifton 6
  • March 11th-6.46 at a 5.44min/km pace- shoes:Clifton 6
  • March 12th-10.02km at a 5.22min/km pace-shoes:Clifton 6
  • March 14th-10.03 at a 4.46min/km pace- shoes:Zoom Fly 3
  • March 15th-12.03 at a 5.07min/km pace- shoes:Zoom Fly 3

the runs felt pretty good alittle agitation around the hip but luckily I had my foam roller and some bands I could use. Marathon is coming up and hopefully we will get the chance to run it because I know there is some concerns with the corona virus. If not then I am sure I will get the chance later this summer.

As always thanks for listening and Happy running!

How Do You Make Decisions?

Something that we all tend to do in the moment is make impulse decisions or heated comments. That is definitely something that I am also guilty of doing often. Do you often say it and then later you look back and tell yourself “well maybe I could have worded that differently or not said it at all”

In the moment it may be hard to realize it and I understand that it is very difficult to notice these things. Plus sometime you need to make impulse decisions that is kinda what makes life exciting as long as you are not hurting anyone in the process than 100% go for it.

The heated comments that I am thinking of are the ones that may be said to a loved one or a friend or even a colleague. The funny thing with words is that it is hard to take back because even after you may apologize or try to move past it those words or comments will stick to you when that person sees you. Good impressions are something that takes years to build but only seconds to lose and it can happen unintentionally. So a very good way to try and change the way you react to those situations are:

  • take a breathe
  • try to take a step back and understand the situation
  • stand up and take a walk
  • try to see where the other person is coming from
  • learning to talk vs arguing
  • make comments not statements

I would like to elaborate on the last two comments because I think those may need a little more emphasis on them. Learning to talk vs arguing is actually a very important skill because remaining calm when someone may be against your point can be hard sometimes. It is however, very effective because two heated people are going to be taking the conversation no where. So having at least one person that is calm can help the other one to calm down as well after seeing your reactions and it can also help to sway the conversation in your favor.

The other point is to make comments vs statements. Something that may lead to an argument is when you are making statements. That can make it seem that you are trying to state facts and could lead the other person in becoming defensive. So it may be better to try and let them know that what you are thinking are opinions rather than commands. One thing to remember though is just because you are trying to avoid arguments it does not mean that you should be timid. Rather change that to confidence because that is definitely a skillset that companies look for and will get you places in life. (that is my little tip of career advice)

Thank you for making it to the end I hope that this helped you guys.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

tempo run- brutal one

Yesterday I went on my tempo run after physio hoping that I could get a pain free run in but it was the complete opposite. I had a very painful run with sharp pain in my right hip almost right at the start of the run. The 12km run turned into a 10km run and a 2km limp. Was pretty frustrated and did not want to post about it. After letting it sink in and looking at how some others may be going through an injury I felt that it was important for me to share this. So although you may feel that the treatment is not helping you just need to power through and trust the process. I know it may not seem like the best idea but it is definitely not a bad one.

So yesterdays run was a 10km run at a pace of 6.11min/km. Ran it in my Clifton 6 and still have to say I am a big fan.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps motivate anyone going through recovery right now.

Happy running!

Thoughtful Run

Today I was feeling a little down so I decided to go on an easy run even though I am only suppose to be doing 3 runs a week. I feel better and it helped to clear my mind.(most probably just the endorphins) This was not an impressive run or anything so do not expect anything to crazy. (que laugh)

We got 5.51km at a nice and easy 5.51min/km pace. The roads were alittle icey today but the clifton 6 held up pretty well although there was not as much grip on it I cannot complain. Tomorrow I am seeing physio and doing a 12ish km run so lets see how that goes.

Threshold Monday

What better way to start the week then with a nice threshold run to get the heart pumping. It rained today so the ground was a little wet and icy but it was still an amazing day for a run. Today we hit 7.17km at a 4.40min/km pace. I was pretty out of breathe but not as tired as I think I could have been. Next time I will definitely try to push it alittle harder.

The shoes I had were the Zoom Fly 3. I finally know what love is because they are AMAZING. So hooked on these carbon plated shoes. Although I do understand the controversy with them. I am very biased and accept everyone’s opinions on this matter.

I have another session with Karen for physio. I did have a little pain in my hip this run but I think the more I exercise it will go away slowly. (fingers crossed)

Stop Living Like Everybody Else!

How often do you set a timeline of your life. How often do you expect things to happen within a certain time frame? Let me guess you graduate highschool, do your undergrad/certification, start working full time, get married, buy a house, have kids, go on some vacations in between this and then retire. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with this timeline but I would like to question why does this seem to be a common theme?

Well, this is how our parents did it and their parents before them. Plus the media definitely also builds off of this concept of living. However, we seem to get so wrapped up with hitting those deadlines of graduating school, getting a job, finding a wife that we over stress ourselves for a lifestyle that we did not really chose for ourselves.

It is nice to have a full time job after graduating and it is nice to have a girlfriend or wife but who says that is needs to be in those steps? If that does not happen to you I promise you that the world will not end, you will not cause an apocalypse and you will also get through what you need to get through.

My point in all of this is that we need to stop thinking that just because everyone around us may be following that norm of living. DO NOT feel as if you are a failure because you are not. This lifestyle was based on a different century where things were different, there was no internet or traveling. No one new any different because they did not really experience other ways of living life.

Looking at a European way of living it is much more laid back however, in North America you may feel more pressure to get settled and start “building” your life. If you chose to go in a different direction you will most likely be seen as an outcast or met with some hostility and that is alright because most probably the feedback you are getting is from those that may not be exposed to things that are out there.

Understanding that you have options and that you should not feel pressured into setting up your life is crucial. The more you stress about things the more likely you are going to be missing out on what the world has to offer. REMEMBER: just because your friends are getting jobs and getting engaged does not mean you have to follow along. We are not all the same people and we are also not living eachothers live’s. SO PLEASE remember that everyone has their own time and we should never feel inferior if we are not moving as fast as others. Instead we should smile and give them a hug and congratulate them.

Be bold and be happy that you are able to live your life the way you want. That is something that I feel many of us lose sight of and tend to not take full advantage of.

I hope this helps and as always thank you for reading!

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Best Long Run YET!


Today was a special day because I hit my first winter half marathon distance. Did not expect that to happen but IT DID and I actually ran it pretty well for my first run over 20km. I ran in my Clifton 6 and they felt like clouds definitely starting to understand why people are so into hoka shoes now. So we hit 22.05km at a pace of 5.13min/km. I felt fairly tired on the run back because I picked a route with a bit more hills in them. Somehow we still got through it and I cannot be happier. My hip was hurting but it definitely was not as bad as it use to be. Since I am rolling out my hip flexors that hurt so bad when I roll them. (makes me wanna cry) I am gonna continue to follow my physio regime and hope for the best.

Also heads up guys I will be in cuba march 7-14th so I will most likely be missing the updates. I will hopefully try to get some runs in and update everyone once I am back because I’d rather not lose any progress I made. I have another session with Karen (physio) and excited to see what else were gonna be doing.

Thanks for listening and happy running everybody

Tempo/ slip n slide run and physio update

Hey guys so today we had a ton of snow come down on us. The roads were pretty slushy with a bunch of snow on the sidewalks. We decided that since we missed our tempo run yesterday we had to commit today. Went out, trekked through the mushy and snow piled sidewalks of Toronto and finished the tempo run at a 6.36min/km pace for 10.60km. I am honestly so happy with that run factoring the wind, weather, snow, and anything else you can think of. Did these runs in my Saucony omni ISO 2.

On another note I went to my physiotherapist for my first session and I must say she was very thorough and I absolutely loved her. If you are in the Toronto region and you are looking for physio definitely check out Athlete’s care ( I have added the link there in case you wanted to check them out. Also if you are in the Yonge and Eglington location ask for Karen. Basically I need to strengthen my hip flexors. So I am going to follow this plan and hope for the best.

Thanks for checking in and if you would like to know the exercises let me know in the comments and I can post about that.

Prepping for the 21km run I have on Saturday its gonna be fun.

Stay tuned and happy running