First and Second Run

HELLLOOOOO fellow runners!

Today marks the second run after a month long hiatus. On Saturday I was able to hit a run for 3.5km at a 5.26km/min pace for my first run back. It felt very good, but I definitely could sense the struggle. My fatigue was setting in during the run so I still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of fitness and hitting longer distances. My hip did not hurt so I am very happy about that although it was a very short run.

Then today, I ran my second run and it was a little longer than the first one. We hit a 5.02km run at a 5.10min/km pace. For the whole run I felt pretty good, little tired during the last km which to me makes sense since I have not been running for so long. I just need to build up my miles. Definitely enjoyed being outside especially on a nice sunny day at a high of 19 degrees Celsius. By the end of the run my right hip did feel a bit sore so I may try to keep the runs around 5km for now and make sure I am just doing 2-3 runs a week at a slower pace until I feel confident enough to bring it up. Feels great to be back on the trails and I did the run in my Clifton 6’s, smooth ride with a very comfortable landing on the pavement.

As always thank you for reading and I hope everyone is still staying active during the quarantine. If you are bored and wanna try something different I recommend cold baths its very different and will shock your brain.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

Why I Sit In Cold Water

Hello everyone I hope you are all staying safe and have been mentally and physically healthy through this time of isolation. Today I thought it would be nice to go over why I have started taking cold baths for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week and how have I personally been benefiting. I actually saw this guy names “ice man” on an episode by “Yes Theory” and it made want to do this but I just never fully committed until now. I will leave the link below to the video in case anyone wanted to watch it.

Why do I do it?

The reason why I started is because during the quarantine I definitely started to get comfortable with the idea of just staying home all the time, eating food staying in my room more often not really going out or communicating with others through social media or virtually through (zoom, house party, hangout etc) . Also I have been having pain in my hip when I went for runs so I had made the difficult decision to stop until I could start my recover sessions again. So I heard that the ice baths would be good for my body as well as it may help with my hip pain. Also it would be something that would 100% get me out of my comfort zone.

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How does it work?

Here is a little guideline of how this works

  1. Start to fill your tub with cold water. (add ice or not up to you)
  2. As the tub fills start to focus on your breathing
  3. Once your breathing is calm try to take some long inhales (3-4 seconds) then exhale for (3-4) seconds – do that for 5- 10 mins
  4. When the tub is ready its time to get in
  5. As you are going to dip into the water take a deep breathe
  6. When you start to put your body in the water exhale. Keep going lower and lower as you exhale
  7. Initially you will feel like your body is surrounded by pins in needles.
  8. Close your eyes and just focus on your breath, try to take long breathes.
  9. After 2-4 minutes the pain will subside and your body comes to an equilibrium
  10. Stay in the water for a total of 15 minutes
  11. Afterwards do not take a hot shower after, relax dry off and let the body heat itself up for 10-15 minutes
  12. After you can shower or jump under a blanket


Personally I have done some research on the benefits and based on what I have seen. There are articles that say ice baths have no real scientific benefits but there are other articles that go into a lot of detail as to how it can positively effect the body. I am not going to go into the scientific parts as I am not here to prove anyone wrong. Here is a breakdown of the benefits I have noticed:

  1. The baths have definitely jolted my mind and reminded me that doing uncomfortable things can make me feel more alive. Especially as you sit in freezing water thinking “I never would have expected me to be able to do this”.
  2. Helped to strengthen my mindset and build up my discipline , because although I like doing it. I do not LOVE to sit in cold water.
  3. This has been a great way to see how our bodies adapt to changing environments. As I initially sit in the water my body shivers and feels like pins and needles all over. Overtime, the pain subsides and I come to an equilibrium and that applies to any change in life. We are uncomfortable at first but then we get use to the idea and accept it.
  4. I have used this to connect with others. I zoom people during this 15 minute session and we talk/shiver together and it has been a great way to catch up with people.
  5. This has helped me to control my breathing during stressful situations. So taking control breathes throughout my time really helped set the tone for the bath.
  6. My body definitely feels lighter after the sessions and I can feel my body trying to warm itself up after – I let myself warm up naturally. (last weekend I could feel a warmth feeling from my stomach it was a very weird feeling)
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That is why I take ice baths and a little step by step walk through of how it goes for me. I hope that you enjoyed this little read. If you end up trying I would love to hear from you guys.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

I have become addicted to my phone – DAY 3

So day 3 was a bit tougher than the other days. I found myself imagining what messages I would be getting. I also realized I had plans to have a virtual conversation with some friends but I was not able to coordinate the time because I did not want to break my cleanse. It was still a productive day and even though that happened I am glad I did it. It helped to challenge me even more. Even though the fear of missing out was really kicking in at one point.

Day 3 started off with eating breakfast and then working on the day 2 post. Than I decided I would cut my own hair and it actually turned out pretty well. I gave myself a little fade although my hair is pretty short to begin with because I shave my head (the reason for the title of my website). afterwards I went for a little walk and happened to bump into a friend that I did not know was practically a neighbor. While I was out it was a very different experience as I have not gone out without my phone in a very long time. It really felt like I was missing something or even as if I were naked and walking down the street (which is illegal, do not recommend). It did take some time to get use to that feeling but as I was out i decided to journal on a bench which was nice. afterwards I went home worked out and then spent the rest of my time relaxing and watching some netflix. I really do recommend for everyone to try this out so we can attempt to become a little more detached from our phones and just try to enjoy what is in front of us. I would recommend if possible to extend the cleanse for maybe more than 3 days to really get the effects. I was not able to do that as I had to work so I would have lost very quickly.

That marks day 3 and the final day as always thank you for listening. I hope you are all staying safe.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

I have become addicted to my phone – Day 2

So day 2 of my cleanse from using my phone was alittle easier. Although I still had some urges to look at messages on my phone but I tried my best to avoid it. It is quite liberating as now I do not find myself multitasking when I am trying to focus on other tasks. It really is eye opening when you realize that you subconsciously reach for your phone when doing activities. That is something that I am going to try work on even after the cleanse is over.

So here is a breakdown of day 2:

I woke up and spent the first bit journaling. Afterwards I had some breakfast and created some new content for you guys on this site. Afterwards I decided it was time to do some home workouts which I am sure alot of us may be doing. Afterwards, i spent some time watching Brooklyn nine nine and playing a video game. When my mom came back I spent some time with her and my brother which was nice. My brother does not live with us so he helps her to get groceries on the weekend. Later in the evening I went for alittle walk to get some fresh air. That marks off day 2! Not to exciting, but it definitely is a big change of pace to not have my phone with me.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed. I was just documenting this for anyone that may feel like trying this out as well.

Stay healthy, Stay happy, Keep breathing

Running is being put on a PAUSE!

Hello Everyone!

I am sorry I have not been updating you guys on runs. Mainly because there have not been any. Because of my hip injury I have made the executive decision to take a break and let the hip heal/strengthen it until I can get the proper treatment for it going again.


Great question mystery blogger! I have been doing more home workouts, which consist of squats, bridges and lunges. I am also incorporating resistance bands to help make things a little harder. Although I am really sad that I will not be going out for runs anymore, I can honestly say that I have come to piece with this. In a way, I am also thinking that this could not have happened at a better time. With everyone being quarantined and not having many options for things to do I feel like this was a sign for me to stop running all the time and to start working on my conditioning more. So I will listen to the running gods and get to work!

One cool new thing that I have been trying out are cold baths. I basically fill my tub with cold water and sit in it for 15mins. It is actually such a cool feeling because you het to see how your body adapts to this quite uncomfortable situation so that you actually start to normalize it within maybe 5mins. The rest gets quite easy as I just sit there and focus on my breathing. I am doing this to hopefully help out my hip as well as strengthen my mind. Because being home all day has really made me a little to comfortable I must say so it is good to change things up. If any of you are doing anything during your quarantine and do not mind sharing I would love to hear!

As always thank you for reading and for those of you who are still going on runs, HAPPY RUNNING! (I am very jealous)

I have become addicted to my phone! (3 day cleanse)

Something that I have realized after spending so much time alone and in solitude, is I have been feeling up the empty space by staring at my phone constantly. I am not sure if the desire is coming from me wanting the urge of human interactions. I find myself consistently on social media while I am watching a movie, in the bathroom, heating my food up. It got to the point that if I had forgotten my phone I would go and get it just to hold onto it. Feeling a sense of anxiety when it was not on my person.

In this situation I felt that many of us may be going through the same thing. Becoming more reliant on social media and our phones. The one thing that I would not like to be is reliant. Especially after we make it through this difficult time. So I had made the decision to spend the weekend not touching my phone or looking at it.

On Friday I had pretty much left my phone behind me and constantly caught myself looking back to see notifications. I felt a very strong urge to see if anyone had messaged me or posted anything or even liked my content on social media. To some it may not seem like an issue but for me it is something that I strongly try to avoid. I do not want to feel like my world revolves around my phone or the content that I post. I recently started doing ice baths and the first thing I tried to do was record myself. I was sharing this moment with my cousin and he said “why do you need to record it?” Honestly, I did not have a response. When I made the decision to not record that moment. I realized the urge to take cold baths also disappeared and I really did not feel like doing it. Regardless I completed the task and honestly it was amazing (I will make another post about that later).

So here is a breakdown of Day 1:

I spent a majority of my time working till about 6pm. Then afterwards I had some beef stew and played video games (not the most productive way to spend my time). Afterwards, I watched some netflix and the urge to look at my phone was through the roof at this point that I had to put it in my desk drawer so I could not see it. That helped me so much. I 100% recommend doing that if you are trying to cleanse yourself of something, remove it from your line of sight so the brain cannot remind you of it. So that was day one. I will be trying to post my 2nd and 3rd day this weekend so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.

I know that I have not posted as often but I am back now and will try to keep it up again.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Attempted A “Long Run”

I know that the last post I had was quite positive. Unfortunately that happiness did not last to long. Today the weather was nice 12 degrees Celsius so I wanted to try and run slightly further, anywhere between 12-14km. The first 5km went fairly well and then downhill from there. everytime I stopped running I could really feel the pain in my right hip. By 11km I was struggling to walk like a normal human being. I really wanted to try and get to 12km today but it just was not in the cards today. That is ok though there is always next time. It was nice to see people going out for walks and bike rides with their families. Made it a little more difficult to maintain the 2 meter rule but I tried my best.

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So todays run ended off with a 11.58 km run at a modest pace of 5.33min/km. Please keep in mind that I paused the tracker to stretch every km after 5km. So this pace is not true prob closer to a 5.55 or 6min per km pace if you factor in the pauses. Ran them in my Clifton 6. Going to continue my resistance band routine like last week and hope that things will get better.

Thanks for reading everybody, please continue to physically distance yourself and I know times are tough right now, but lets try to find the beauty in the little things to make the days better.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

This Helped Me On My Runs!

Well this weeks runs were actually much better. Now that I am working from home one thing that has helped me so much is using resistance bands constantly while at work. I literally put on resistance bands up to my thigh area and just keep opening my legs outwards and back inwards. Just keep repeating. I leave it on even while I am walking through my house, going to the bathroom, getting food or just to stretch the legs. The two runs I did were much better than my previous runs that I had gone on.

On Wednesday april 8th I went on a 10km run at a 4.50min/km pace in my zoom fly 3 and it felt pretty good. A little sore by the end of it. On friday, I enjoyed a nice 6km run at a 5.12min/km pace in my clifton 6. It was probably the most pain free I have ever run since the injury started. Hoping that I can keep the momentum going. Will definitely keep you guys updated. Also on my run on Friday I actually saw a coyote near my trail. I stopped to look at him and thought of calling him peanut. Although it probably would have been smarter to keep running just in case he decided he did not just want to ignore me.

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Well anyways thanks for listening. If you have any running stories you would like to share I would love to hear about them in the comments below. In the meantime, Thanks for reading.

Happy solo running everyone.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Runs Are Not Going Well

Hello everybody!

Went on my second run this week. First run was on Saturday on April 5th and ran 10.73km at a 4.56min/km pace. Felt decent but, alot of hip pain which was really restricting my gate and cadence. It has definitely been tough to keep running with the hip pain I have been having. I am just trying to go at it day by day. I am still doing the exercises that were advised by my physiotherapist. The area is still very stiff. I have been using a foam roller and a hard ball to roll out the tight areas. After Saturday the weather was so nice that I had to go on another little run. So today we went for a 5.26km run at a 5.28min/km pace. Alot of pain but i just ended up really slowing the pace down. I might try to refrain from runs back to back just to give my hip some more time to recover.

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Hopefully things get better and I will be able to go for a physio session. Really missing it right now and realizing how lucky I am to be able to see someone. I will definitely continue running(alone) and I hope you all are to. Just remember to be safe and continue to practice social distancing.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and keep breathing

Why I Like Being Quarantined

Hello Everyone I apologize for the time I was away. I had spent the last week and a half at home because of the virus that is spreading around the world. I really hope that everyone is staying safe and trying their best to stay home as although this may not effect you it could harm others.

So something that I really reflected on these past 2 weeks is that being alone with yourself can be difficult. We may try anything and everything to distract our minds from what is really bothering us. Alot of us may be saying we are really bored, messaging our friends, watching tik tok videos, trying to find absolutely anything to keep our minds occupied. However, now may be the best time of all to reflect on who you are as a person and really see what it is that may be bothering you.

Personally for myself something that I have really been learning about myself is that I am not good at opening up to people. For that reason sometimes I may feel lonely although I have friends and people that I may talk to, but I did not have individuals who I was comfortable in sharing my feeling with. That made me really think about the so called deep connections I had made with the people I know. Learning about these imperfections within ourselves can make a world of a difference when we arrive back into our normal lives. Please maybe take the first 10-15 minutes of you day to really think about what it is that may be bothering you or lingering in the corners of your mind.

Although, this may be a tough time it can also be a great time to understand how privileged we are with all the things that we had in our lives prior to the quarantine. Those things that we may have taken for granted or we did not see as a big deal. Understanding that going out to eat at a restaurant and seeing our friends was a luxury. Being in the company of good people is a blessing that we may have forgotten. Going outside and enjoying the beauty around us is a luxury. Understand that even though we may not have the opportunity to enjoy all these things now we will in the future. The more we can feel grateful for them the more enjoyable it will be on that day.

One other point I would like to make is that in this tough time many of us may feel that we are in a dire need to stock up on goods. That is fair, I agree that we should stock up on food. However, there is no need to over stock when we can always go back out and grab more if need. Remember that to much of anything is not good for us so the same thing applies for oversupplying on toilet paper, vitamins, diapers, etc. We need to think about the community as a whole and try to remain thoughtful in this time of need. Alot of the time we forget that we should getting the things we need rather than the things we want.

I hope that everyone stays safe and healthy


Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing