Things are heating up!

Since the last we spoke, I was in good spirits because the training was going well and we were slowly ramping up our mileage for the week.

So far things have still been going GREATTTT. We have upped the long run to 10km now. longest run yet since I got the knee pain. It was pain free so im pretty excited and hopeful for the rest of the training runs. We were able to bump the weekly mileage up 10% to 22k from 20km. I was alittle nervous because I bumped my long run from 8k to 10k. It may not seem big but I was just very nervous about getting the pain back and 10k seemed like a deciding distance.

Thankfully, everything went well and we are gonna keep ramping up the distance to 24k. Still really focusing on stretching and activating my glutes before I attempt any run while also using my orthotics in my running shoes. One thing I did notice that today when I went to the track for a little 5x400m interval my knee did not feel to good. I think that it was because the surface is not turf, but its made from gravel/sand material. Due to the material the surface was a little uneven when I was landing and I could feel my knees going inwards depending on how I landed. So definitely going to stay away from tracks like that or surfaces like that entirely for now as I am rebuilding. Knowing this I am a bit nervous about hitting up some trails because the ground tends to be uneven with roots and stones on the ground which could effect my leg positions. That we will just have to remember and keep moving forward.

That is my update for you guys. I will hopefully have more good news next week for you all. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you guys are all crushing your goals and staying motivated during this interesting time of our lives.

Stay happy, Stay safe, Keep breathing

Published by themindfulmonk2020

I am a marathoner, a full time employee, a part time server. I enjoy running and I am also trying to live a more mindful lifestyle - it is quite the experience. I have also started streaming on Twitch. If you would like to chat with me live or follow my gameplay you can do so there :)

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