Recovery update

So it has been quite some time since my last post. To be honest was not really sure what to say on these since alot of my time was just spent doing the prescribed exercises every week. I was not feeling to happy with the progress. So I have been stuck in a little bit of a rut.

It is about the 5th week of rehab right now and I have honestly been quite happy with everything until last week. We were focusing on the strengthening work and last week we decided to throw in some impact work. That was a painful week which made me start to feel down because I felt like I did not make much progress since my knee was still hurting me.

One important thing you need to do during this, is talk to you physiotherapist. Tell them how you are feeling and explain your thought process. One they can reassure you as well as modify the workouts so you can benefit more. So that is exactly what I ended up doing and we talked and worked out a new game plan. I was planning on seeing my sports doctor next week but after thinking about it I felt that I would wait the full 6 weeks before seeing him to show him my progress. Since, he would most likely be telling me to give it more time. Don’t get me wrong the strengthening work has definitely been beneficial my legs are getting stronger and the pain is not as severe as it was while I was running.

Do not even get me started about actually running. I think about going outside for a quick little secret run but, I know its just going to hurt me later on. Every time I look out the window and its sunny I always think to myself ….what a wonderful world, just kidding I think ‘man it would be nice to go out on a run.’ Really hoping I will recover soon but patience is the name of the game at this point. I cannot really do much else I have been going on walks so I am thankful I can at least do that pain free.

Thank you for reading through this and I hope that all of you are enjoying your runs and staying injury free while also being safe. Here in Canada the cases have been on the rise right now so sending you all my positive vibes during this tough time.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Published by themindfulmonk2020

I am a marathoner, a full time employee, a part time server. I enjoy running and I am also trying to live a more mindful lifestyle - it is quite the experience. I have also started streaming on Twitch. If you would like to chat with me live or follow my gameplay you can do so there :)

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