Feeling down

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is crushing their goals. I know based on the title you are probably wondering what exactly happened? To start, I did complete some runs this week. The total mileage was about 42km. I also have an appointment set with a sports specialist who is going to help me out with the knee pain I have been experiencing next week. This was recommended by my family doctor who did some blood tests on me. Good news is all my levels are spot on according to her so that is great news.

Moving towards the actual topic for this week. I have been feeling a bit down this week and personally, I think its because of being in lockdown again. Not being able to go out freely or see others as often has been tougher mentally because it does start to get lonely. Sometimes I even question the friendships I have with people as I do not get to see them in person anymore so contact does get lost. I do understand that we cannot always be in contact with everyone because we all have our own lives to live but the mind can be forgetful of that. Once you get into those negative spirals it just keeps going until you snap out of it and realize its wrong.

Certain things that I have had to be more mindful of this week is my patience and motivation to work/run. When I am feeling down it can be hard to get work down as my head is always bringing on so much negativity. So being mindful and trying to bring out more positive self talk has been helpful. With being more negative I did find myself being more impatient and again I would have to remind myself to calm down and breathe. I was thinking of skipping today’s post but I am glad that I did it because I want to be transparent about my journey as well as maybe help someone that may also be experiencing the same things. I also found writing about this very therapeutic. So thank you for allowing this happen.

During this time, I am sure that we are all facing problems but WE will get through it. Lets all continue to push forward because the more time spent dwelling means less time spent on bettering ourselves. If anyone else is have problems and would like to rant about how they may be feeling I am all ears.

As always thank you for listening to todays rant. I hope everyone keeps crushing their goals for the coming week.

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Published by themindfulmonk2020

I am a marathoner, a full time employee, a part time server. I enjoy running and I am also trying to live a more mindful lifestyle - it is quite the experience. I have also started streaming on Twitch. If you would like to chat with me live or follow my gameplay you can do so there :) https://www.twitch.tv/bwam94

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