Why I Sit In Cold Water

Hello everyone I hope you are all staying safe and have been mentally and physically healthy through this time of isolation. Today I thought it would be nice to go over why I have started taking cold baths for 15 minutes 2-3 times a week and how have I personally been benefiting. I actually saw this guy names “ice man” on an episode by “Yes Theory” and it made want to do this but I just never fully committed until now. I will leave the link below to the video in case anyone wanted to watch it.

Why do I do it?

The reason why I started is because during the quarantine I definitely started to get comfortable with the idea of just staying home all the time, eating food staying in my room more often not really going out or communicating with others through social media or virtually through (zoom, house party, hangout etc) . Also I have been having pain in my hip when I went for runs so I had made the difficult decision to stop until I could start my recover sessions again. So I heard that the ice baths would be good for my body as well as it may help with my hip pain. Also it would be something that would 100% get me out of my comfort zone.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

How does it work?

Here is a little guideline of how this works

  1. Start to fill your tub with cold water. (add ice or not up to you)
  2. As the tub fills start to focus on your breathing
  3. Once your breathing is calm try to take some long inhales (3-4 seconds) then exhale for (3-4) seconds – do that for 5- 10 mins
  4. When the tub is ready its time to get in
  5. As you are going to dip into the water take a deep breathe
  6. When you start to put your body in the water exhale. Keep going lower and lower as you exhale
  7. Initially you will feel like your body is surrounded by pins in needles.
  8. Close your eyes and just focus on your breath, try to take long breathes.
  9. After 2-4 minutes the pain will subside and your body comes to an equilibrium
  10. Stay in the water for a total of 15 minutes
  11. Afterwards do not take a hot shower after, relax dry off and let the body heat itself up for 10-15 minutes
  12. After you can shower or jump under a blanket


Personally I have done some research on the benefits and based on what I have seen. There are articles that say ice baths have no real scientific benefits but there are other articles that go into a lot of detail as to how it can positively effect the body. I am not going to go into the scientific parts as I am not here to prove anyone wrong. Here is a breakdown of the benefits I have noticed:

  1. The baths have definitely jolted my mind and reminded me that doing uncomfortable things can make me feel more alive. Especially as you sit in freezing water thinking “I never would have expected me to be able to do this”.
  2. Helped to strengthen my mindset and build up my discipline , because although I like doing it. I do not LOVE to sit in cold water.
  3. This has been a great way to see how our bodies adapt to changing environments. As I initially sit in the water my body shivers and feels like pins and needles all over. Overtime, the pain subsides and I come to an equilibrium and that applies to any change in life. We are uncomfortable at first but then we get use to the idea and accept it.
  4. I have used this to connect with others. I zoom people during this 15 minute session and we talk/shiver together and it has been a great way to catch up with people.
  5. This has helped me to control my breathing during stressful situations. So taking control breathes throughout my time really helped set the tone for the bath.
  6. My body definitely feels lighter after the sessions and I can feel my body trying to warm itself up after – I let myself warm up naturally. (last weekend I could feel a warmth feeling from my stomach it was a very weird feeling)
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

That is why I take ice baths and a little step by step walk through of how it goes for me. I hope that you enjoyed this little read. If you end up trying I would love to hear from you guys.

Stay happy, Stay healthy and Keep breathing

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