Stop Living Like Everybody Else!

How often do you set a timeline of your life. How often do you expect things to happen within a certain time frame? Let me guess you graduate highschool, do your undergrad/certification, start working full time, get married, buy a house, have kids, go on some vacations in between this and then retire. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with this timeline but I would like to question why does this seem to be a common theme?

Well, this is how our parents did it and their parents before them. Plus the media definitely also builds off of this concept of living. However, we seem to get so wrapped up with hitting those deadlines of graduating school, getting a job, finding a wife that we over stress ourselves for a lifestyle that we did not really chose for ourselves.

It is nice to have a full time job after graduating and it is nice to have a girlfriend or wife but who says that is needs to be in those steps? If that does not happen to you I promise you that the world will not end, you will not cause an apocalypse and you will also get through what you need to get through.

My point in all of this is that we need to stop thinking that just because everyone around us may be following that norm of living. DO NOT feel as if you are a failure because you are not. This lifestyle was based on a different century where things were different, there was no internet or traveling. No one new any different because they did not really experience other ways of living life.

Looking at a European way of living it is much more laid back however, in North America you may feel more pressure to get settled and start “building” your life. If you chose to go in a different direction you will most likely be seen as an outcast or met with some hostility and that is alright because most probably the feedback you are getting is from those that may not be exposed to things that are out there.

Understanding that you have options and that you should not feel pressured into setting up your life is crucial. The more you stress about things the more likely you are going to be missing out on what the world has to offer. REMEMBER: just because your friends are getting jobs and getting engaged does not mean you have to follow along. We are not all the same people and we are also not living eachothers live’s. SO PLEASE remember that everyone has their own time and we should never feel inferior if we are not moving as fast as others. Instead we should smile and give them a hug and congratulate them.

Be bold and be happy that you are able to live your life the way you want. That is something that I feel many of us lose sight of and tend to not take full advantage of.

I hope this helps and as always thank you for reading!

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Keep breathing

Published by themindfulmonk2020

I am a marathoner, a full time employee, a part time server. I enjoy running and I am also trying to live a more mindful lifestyle - it is quite the experience. I have also started streaming on Twitch. If you would like to chat with me live or follow my gameplay you can do so there :)

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