Tempo/ slip n slide run and physio update

Hey guys so today we had a ton of snow come down on us. The roads were pretty slushy with a bunch of snow on the sidewalks. We decided that since we missed our tempo run yesterday we had to commit today. Went out, trekked through the mushy and snow piled sidewalks of Toronto and finished the tempo run at a 6.36min/km pace for 10.60km. I am honestly so happy with that run factoring the wind, weather, snow, and anything else you can think of. Did these runs in my Saucony omni ISO 2.

On another note I went to my physiotherapist for my first session and I must say she was very thorough and I absolutely loved her. If you are in the Toronto region and you are looking for physio definitely check out Athlete’s care (https://www.athletescare.com/) I have added the link there in case you wanted to check them out. Also if you are in the Yonge and Eglington location ask for Karen. Basically I need to strengthen my hip flexors. So I am going to follow this plan and hope for the best.

Thanks for checking in and if you would like to know the exercises let me know in the comments and I can post about that.

Prepping for the 21km run I have on Saturday its gonna be fun.

Stay tuned and happy running

Published by themindfulmonk2020

I am a marathoner, a full time employee, a part time server. I enjoy running and I am also trying to live a more mindful lifestyle - it is quite the experience. I have also started streaming on Twitch. If you would like to chat with me live or follow my gameplay you can do so there :) https://www.twitch.tv/bwam94

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