The Running Series

Come get updates on my journey

  • I am enjoying the runs and doing a few races
  • Sharing what I learn during this process
  • Express how I am feeling throughout the experience
  • To follow my runs: STRAVA – Bilal Mahmood

Training Updates

  • Tougher Week than Expected
    This week unfortunately I was not able to hit the average distance I was hoping for. At the same time I am happy that I was listening to my body and giving it the rest it needs. Luckily this coming week is a down week for me so I will hopefully let the legs restContinue reading “Tougher Week than Expected”
  • Making big changes
    HEELLOOO EVERYONE! There has been some big changes in my training plans and my new training platform. So first of all I will be completing all my runs on STRAVA now. SOOO if you would like to add me by searching up – Bilal Mahmood. I will actually stop posting all my runs on theseContinue reading “Making big changes”
    SOOO super excited about last week because I got some good workouts in and also found some new routes around my area. This week I tried to include a bit more incline because I realized my runs did not have much elevation gain. Although it was not a ton of incline it was still aContinue reading “BIG NEWS THIS WEEK”
  • Softer Workout Week
    Hey guys! just wanted to give everyone an update about my runs last week. I personally felt like I had pushed my hip a little to much in my previous week as I tried to get to 30miles. So this week I wanted to bring it back and focus more on smoother runs with betterContinue reading “Softer Workout Week”
  • WE DID IT!
    Last week I had a goal of running 30 miles in a week. It was definitely taxing on the hip but with alot of rolling an some extra ice baths we got there. So to sum it up I had done a run almost everyday last week from tuesday – sunday to meet my goal.Continue reading “WE DID IT!”

Mindfulness Updates

Strategy for Marathon Prep
  • The goal is to finish
  • Hopefully under 4 hrs
  • Aim is to run 3-4 times a week
Strategy for Triathlon Prep
  • Swim 2-3 times a week
  • Once summer comes around bike 2-3 times
  • Running 2-3 times
  • Build up to this regimen
  • Capability to handle longer runs
  • Increase endurance of my swim
  • Buy a bike

Overall: I will be happy if I am able to finish the races without any regrets.

Short Term Goal: Sub 4 hour marathon

Long Term Goal: Qualify for Boston Marathon

me at my first marathon – Scotiabank marathon 2020

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